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The BodySmith Inc - 5 Reasons You Must Eat Your Salad



If you're looking to lose a few pounds, develop a more ripped physique, or begin to see your abdominals... You may want to start eating your salad. 

 Reason #1: Calorie deficit = Weight loss 

You already know what to do and what this means. The question is, why aren't you doing it?  

It takes 3500 calories to gain one pound of muscle. Consequently, if we take in more calories we may end up going in a direction we'd rather not go.  

Eating your salad allows you to take in more nutrients with a lot less calories helping you stay well below the 3500 mentioned above. And, if you still feel hungry, you can always eat more.  

So what do you have to lose other than a few pounds? 



Reason #2: Your body will process more protein. 

Have you ever heard of the gorilla diet? No? I would encourage you to look it up. Long story short, gorillas primarily eat vegetarian based diets filled with plants, fruits, veggies, and pretty much anything green.  

This is not an article to bash those who enjoy eating meat. The fact is, the body absorbs more nutrients through plant sources of protein versus animal protein which, depending on how it is prepared could contain saturated fats and high levels of cholesterol.  

We challenge you to begin adding 1 salad to your day, which turns into 7 salads per week, equaling 30 to 31 salads per month. This leads you to building consistency and the start of finally achieving those weight loss goals you've been searching for. 




Reason #3: You will build more quality, lean muscles. 

Muhammad Ali said, "Your hands can't hit, what your eyes can't see." 

Well I'm saying, "You will never see change, if you don't take a peek." 

Look at the picture above. I want you to understand that you have all of these muscles too. You are either keeping them buried or you are bringing them to light. The choice, and the outcome is all up to you. 

Adding those extra greens and eating 1 salad a day will certainly go a long way. In doing so, you will begin to peel away those layers covering up that dream body both you and I know is already there. 

So, eat your salad!



Reason #4: You will become the best version of you.

Many people get so caught up in looking great on the outside, they forget to first take care of what's on the inside.

Before we work with anyone, we always ask the question "Have you recently or ever had your blood work done?" If not, no problem.

We highly encourage you to complete a full blood panel assessment with your primary physician .

Most insurance companies will cover the cost of at least one full blood panel test per year. The sad news is, most people when getting a blood test or referral from their doctor, never ask.  

Do you even know what your doctor is looking for or currently requesting when you get blood work done? If not, I think it's time we start asking. 

Why not begin by getting your this full assessment done? You will learn so much about your body, the food sources that give you the most energy, and if there are any deficiencies, you should be aware of.

The results of what we see on the outside is the reward of what we do for our bodies chemically on the inside. In doing so, you will certainly be on your way to creating the best version of you. 



Reason #5: You will reduce stress.

Start by taking a deeper look at the photo above. 

Does the photo above make you feel a bit more relaxed?

Did you already wish you were there?

Times are a bit challenging right now and you may feel as though you are super stressed with nowhere to go and with no answers to the many questions in your head.

Let this be an opportunity for you to begin finding answers.

Did you know that your mood and brain function is directly connected to your water intake, energy levels, and nutrient supply?

Well, what do you mean Kevin?

I mean, you wouldn't wake-up, hop in your car, recognize the gas light is on E (empty), and go "Oh well, let me just drive 30 minutes to work and hope that I get there safely."

No. You would go directly to the gas station. 

Most people wake up, skip a meal or 2 or 3, then wonder why they can't focus, they're in a not so great mood, and stressed... It's partially because they have become comfortable living on E (empty).

What I am asking you to do, is to supercharge yourself with the right nutrients, build better lifestyle behaviors, obtain that physique, achieve those body goals, and most importantly Eat Your Salad!

You can do it!

And, if you don't eat your salad... No worries... I will! 

Just kidding...Eat Your Salad!

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