Success Stories

Check out our client's comments and results from applying The BodySmith Methods below!  


"This is a different approach to fitness encompassing body, mind, lifestyle, family, & relationships. It is more relevant than any other program because all of these things need to come together to enjoy a truly balanced & happy life. Anyone can benefit from it, regardless of age, fitness level, or life status. Try it & see for yourself the great results it produces!"

~Leslie Sims


“Since deciding to reach out to Kevin Smith for coaching and advice, I can honestly say my life is beginning to change already. I’ve always dealt with a lot of internal conflict mentally and emotionally, so finally having someone like Kevin to talk to is amazing. The best part is that I do not feel judged or ashamed when opening up during our conversations. He provides assessments, resources as well as literature to help me realize who I am as a person, to help me realize my worth and to never feel low about myself. We’ve talked a lot about self love, past traumas, current goals and future endeavors...everything! I have never had a life coach before, but this is what it feels like working with Kevin Smith. Very much looking forward to my future, thank you Kevin!! 🙏🏾."    

  ~E. Carrenard



"Hello, my name is Lori Livingston! I have been a Professional Model for 10yrs! Being a Model is very demanding work... your diet & your personal fitness habits are Key to maintaining a successful career! I met Kevin Smith just before NY Fashion Week! I needed my body to be Ready!

Kevin takes such a hands on approach at getting your goals accomplished! It’s not just about getting paid, or even having a great Body... he genuinely cares about YOU as an person! Kevin Smith not only gave me a great workout regiment suitable for my body type needs... but he studied my habits to know why I do what I do, or how to most effectively maximize our workouts! That is Rare!

In the end... I’ve not only gained an incredible Body... but a life long friend who I know is 100% for me! Thank you Kevin Smith! My life is literally changed because of your BodySmith Methods!"

                                                       ~   Lori Livingston Model/SAG Actor   ~


Meghan started off with our 6 week total body program and had so much success she decided to jump right into our BOOTYsmith program. Check out this video and listen as Meghan shares her experience using The BodySmith Methods.


Amaury started his fitness journey weighing approximately 300lbs... after applying The BodySmith Methods he achieve the chiseled physique he desired.



The BodySmith Plan Client Results

Besties, Leslie, age 65, on the left, and Beryl, age 75, on the right, constantly inspire each other!

Mike from Kevin and Mike

Michael is age 55 and loves the way he's looking on vacation!

The BodySmith Plan Client Before

Tatiana, age 23, transformed from the left to the right, and is excited to be competing in bikini competitions!

TBSP Testimony Client Before Side

Tatiana has applied our Glute Program techniques with outstanding results!  


Tatiana competed in her very first Bikini Competition.

TBSP Testimony Client

Beryl, Age 75, sets new goals for herself every week!

Karina has been using The BodySmith Methods for over 3 years and has committed to staying in the best possible condition at all times.