Our Signature Program

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The CEO was created for the person on the go.

This person is always traveling, in meetings, and find themselves in environments that typically may not have a gym available.

They are not interested in figuring out what to eat or how to exercise. This person simply wants the nutrition and exercise program already planned for them. 


This is where we come in...


How The CEO program works:

1. Purchase your program

2. Complete our SMART Goals Questionnaire

3. Once we receive the questionnaire, we will design a customized program for you within 48 hours.


The 3-month CEO program includes: 

1. Free Consultation Session

2. 12 Week Nutritional Guide with Supplementation Guidance

3. Organized Grocery List 

4. 36 Workout Sessions over 3 months

5. Guided Meditation Audio - Creating Your Day

6. 24/7 Phone Call Access

7. Free BodySmith Shirt


For the person with limited time, this is the right program for you:

1. There's no thinking

2. It's easy to do

3. It covers diet as well as exercise


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