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Your health is our #1 priority. We help our clients reduce stress, build habits they enjoy, and achieve the bodies they want by focusing on 5 key areas:

1. Sleep

2. Nutrition

3. Recovery

4. Mindset

5. Training

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Success Stories

I LOVE THE BODYSMITH! In 2018 I decided to commit to working out, and learning how to do so properly. A friend suggested I try The BodySmith 6 week total body program. I lost 20 lbs by combining this program with changes in my nutrition. I had never lifted prior to this, and the plan allowed me confidence to do so. They have pro tips and explanations for each and every exercise! I felt challenged and simultaneously grew my confidence in a gym setting. For the price more than worth it! I was in love with my body afterwards. Planning on completing their BootySmith program this year.

Meghan Rossi
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I am a BodySmith!

I am a BodySmith!

What our clients are saying

This is a different approach to fitness encompassing body, mind, lifestyle, family, & relationships. It is more relevant than any other program because all of these things need to come together to enjoy a truly balanced & happy life. Anyone can benefit from it, regardless of age, fitness level, or life status. Try it & see for yourself the great results it produces!

Leslie Sims

Truly amazing life coach. I've been part of bodysmith plan for a few years now and I've continued to live by many of there food plans off prep. Body and mind is the key to Stay successful. I've maintained my body goal for almost 3 years now and I'm so thankful for all the guidance I had and all the knowledge I gained.

Tatiana Salazar

The BodySmith Inc has been one of the best decisions I’ve made for me bettering myself on a healthier lifestyle. Throughout the process of a busy life (work, nightlife, and etc...) I lost touch in maintaining a healthier lifestyle and body I used to have. I was introduced to the an amazing company whos main focus is helping you be best version of yourself that you thought could only imagine while looking in the mirror. They have Workout plans (for all ages and body type goals), Social Media platforms, and now Podcasts to help keep you educated and motivated. I’ve been able to stay connected and apply simple methods for new and better habits to maintaining a healthier mind and body. Thank You The BodySmith Inc!

Andrew Williams

Kevin and Marsha are such caring, personable and professional people. The amount they care about the clients they coach really shows. Fitness is an area that is difficult for me and I have finally found a place that I can trust to guide me on my journey. Thank you Body Smith!

Kim Deeter

Kevin and Marsha Smith are more than fitness folks. I've had the pleasure in working with them for a training/ professional development session they hosted at a company event. The training was relevant, personal, and impactful with key takeaways I'm still employing to this day. Next up, my wife and I are starting a journey of better nutrition and fitness, so we'll soon begin working The Bodysmith plan!

Spencer Gibson

Kevin Smith and Marsha are amazing. They are the “couple goals” as I call it. Very energizing, motivating, knowledgeable and most importantly friendly. Kevin and his wife live by the examples that they set. Every time I see their post, pictures, podcast, it motivates me to do better. Thank you amazing team.

Bogdana Collado

“Since deciding to reach out to Kevin Smith for coaching and advice, I can honestly say my life is beginning to change already. I’ve always dealt with a lot of internal conflict mentally and emotionally, so finally having someone like Kevin to talk to is amazing. The best part is that I do not feel judged or ashamed when opening up during our conversations. He provides assessments, resources as well as literature to help me realize who I am as a person, to help me realize my worth and to never feel low about myself. We’ve talked a lot about self love, past traumas, current goals and future endeavors...everything! I have never had a life coach before, but this is what it feels like working with Kevin Smith. Very much looking forward to my future, thank you Kevin!! 🙏🏾."    

E. Carrenard


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